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And sprinkle their faces with water ……

Today’s khutbah at jummah referred to a hadith which sort of exemplifies the title of my blog – if a spouse wakes in the night to perform salaah, then he/she should awaken their spouses too, and if they do not awaken, sprinkle their faces with water. Continue reading And sprinkle their faces with water ……

Gratitude at the crossroads

The following are links to youtube music videos of a song by Zain Bhika and one from Soundvision. Gratitude is an act of ibaadah (worship). But I also want to say that we express gratitude to Allah by thanking those who act as his instruments by doing a kindness, so I thank that driver who lets me cross the road when he has the right-of-way.

So many words, so little time

So I took some time figuring out how to get the story linked to the daily-prompt post link (after spending days seeing ‘Comments Closed’). My other brilliant (ok, maybe the only sort-of-brilliant, thought-provoking, titillating [that word has a double l and not a double t btw] titler) was “running out of time on WordBiz”. It would have complied with the dailyprompt’s comment guidelines because it doesn’t link to my blog (yet the dailypost does, go figure).

WordBiz is about wordketeers – an online sanctuary for those of us who love scrabble (AND I LOVE SCRABBLE) Continue reading So many words, so little time

Just another manic Monday…..

And am not sure that I wish it was Sunday. All offspring are at school today and Beloved Husband is interviewing for a new job after 19 years in this one. May Allah guide them all.

So I had a partially sleepless night. Probably due to the three connected phone calls last night.  Dhil Hajj fast approacheth, and final preparations are underway for that journey of Continue reading Just another manic Monday…..

Jummah in Bim

Peeps, this is my second shot at this – did a lovely quotable one last week and lost it in the world of cyberspace drafts. So here goes, in a perhaps less viscerally visual try.

There are six organised places of worship here. Two expressly articulate that there are facilities for women. But for the past many many many years, there has been only one place that facilitated us (oops, I forgot, there was another brief interlude that ended after about seven years). Has that been a pet peeve of mine? Of course! Appreciate that one of the ‘other’ places of worship is less than five minutes drive away from my workplace. [I can hear the sharp intakes of breath there – some who are outraged that I formally work and that I want to attend the jummah salaah, and others who are outraged that a female should be prevented from formally working and/or attending congregational prayers]. Nevertheless I try to make the 25 minute drive without griping too much.  Like every coin, there are two sides of the perennial argument (and you guys can search out the arguments on the web).

Over the past Ramadan there was a concerted effort to offer a place of worship that facilitated the attendance of both genders, and that venture continues. The Muslim community here reflects a diversity of cultures and ethnicities. The most prevalent has been that of the Gujrati  and school of Deobandi thought, and that influence is widely visible. Hidden, and partially hidden, have been the other regional and extra-regional influences. With the resulting potpourri of expressions.

The Al Falah institution blogged about earlier, offers post-schooltime jummah facilities for the ‘mature’ boys who cannot attend jummah salaah at the masjids during schooltime.

Sayf-Chelsea Training Clinic-2013

“I don’t like Chelsea”, says soon-to-be-8-year-old, supporter of ManU.
“Shush” say Mom & Teenaged Bro.
“But I don’t like Chelsea”.

Time: 8:50a.m.
Venue: Kensington Oval.
Event: Chelsea Training Clinic.
Attendee: Youngest.
Kit: BTA & Chelsea branded authentic Chelsea T-Shirt (see the Chelsea brand at the base of the number 1) with own shorts, shin pads, football socks & togs. Drills in the morning, games in the afternoon.