School begins

Youngest off to school today. Starts one week earlier than the rest of the country to allow for the one week holiday at Eid-ul-Adha.

Al Falah Primary School started about eleven years ago with seven students, and today has an enrolment of over 100, and an affiliated Girls’ Secondary School, and a Boys’ Secondary School. My elder two attended and entered public secondary school from its halls. The uniform are tunics & pants, with burkas for girls, and topis/topees for boys. I vaguely remember making some objection to the burkas some years ago, when Beloved Daughter was entering but my desire to have her enrolled in an Islamic environment by far outweighed the absence of that requirement until puberty. Contrary to popular misconception, the school is like any other public school in this island with the differences being that Islamic Studies is taught as Religious Knowledge. CSEC is still big in this island, and to date, the School has produced two boys who have topped the boys in the island, and several 100%ers in Math (including Number One Son). Forays have been made into competitive public speaking, writing, art, spelling, football.

Al-Falah Tshirt

We have been blessed with living on an island where muslim children are accommodated with respect to clothing and beliefs.


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