Sanaa has arrived! (Finally!)


The graphic is from

So finally, Alhamdulillah,  my friend’s baby girl Sanaa has arrived. Sanaa = Brilliance/radiance in Arabic, and means Beauty or Work of Art in Swahili and long-lasting in Sanskrit.

She was due last week, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting her arrival. Apparently, she was awaiting the delivery of her car-seat first. Did you know that car-seats have “DO NOT USE AFTER” dates? So, if you’re passing along a car-seat, please check the label for the manufacturer’s AND do not use after dates. We found out last night that our last car seat ‘expired’ two years ago.

Ain’t the car-seat in the photo cute? And so ‘in’ the current animal print trend.

Check out this for Islamic rites on the birth of a child. To shortlist them:

  • ghusl
  • adhan in the right ear, iqamah in the left
  • tahneek (this was new to me and a little late – post three childbirths)
  • aqiqah ( should also be done for reverts)
  • naming (think about the name very carefully)
  • shaving of the head (and sadqah equivalent to the weight of the hair)
  • khitaan (NOT for girls!!!) 

I am convinced that one’s name plays a very important role in one’s life. I have a friend whose name means mischievous and ….she is! So, what does your name mean?


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