Just another manic Monday…..

And am not sure that I wish it was Sunday. All offspring are at school today and Beloved Husband is interviewing for a new job after 19 years in this one. May Allah guide them all.

So I had a partially sleepless night. Probably due to the three connected phone calls last night.  Dhil Hajj fast approacheth, and final preparations are underway for that journey of a lifetime. So brother called saying he couldn’t find my international immunisation card (and I will refrain from repeating that I delivered it to him in April). Paternal aunt called to say she might be going and enquiring when we would be travelling to Trinidad and giving general advice on how and what to pack. (See this link for Chenette’s very useful technology-oriented Hajj pack list: http://thehajj.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/preparing-for-the-hajj-technology/). Maternal aunt called to confirm that brother called to say he couldn’t find my international immunisation card (will refrain from repeating) and that she would be putting hers in the mail. So that’s two clues – we need international immunisation cards and Trinidad is involved. Indeed, but only as a transit point for Beloved Daughter and me. Bought the tickets re the Trinidad leg yesterday – ah, there’s another contributory factor!

In January I got that interesting e-mail from brother querying whether I was interested in going on the pilgrimage with him. Ooh la la! About two years too early. I broached the topic with Beloved Husband. He couldn’t go. I took a deep breath and accepted opportunity. Next step: finding a group to travel with. Stop the Press! If you are about to embark on that search, be aware! There is nothing that appears organised or informative about finding a group in Trinidad or its itinerary. So if you’re a planner, the only thing you can plan on is having a VERY loose framework within which to plan. You will find the Ministry of Hajj website which lists the licensed group operators/travel agency for Trinidad and other countries. http://www.hajinformation.com/main/p10.htm .

Will continue this post anon……

PS: Haven’t seen/visited Sanaa yet (does this blog site have emoticons?)


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