So many words, so little time

So I took some time figuring out how to get the story linked to the daily-prompt post link (after spending days seeing ‘Comments Closed’). My other brilliant (ok, maybe the only sort-of-brilliant, thought-provoking, titillating [that word has a double l and not a double t btw] titler) was “running out of time on WordBiz”. It would have complied with the dailyprompt’s comment guidelines because it doesn’t link to my blog (yet the dailypost does, go figure).

WordBiz is about wordketeers – an online sanctuary for those of us who love scrabble (AND I LOVE SCRABBLE)


and who want to play any grade of the game from living room scrabble to manic competitive scrabble. although I’ve probably put the adjective in the wrong place – it’s for all manic scrabblers. STOP all ye purists of vocabulary and grammar! In competitive scrabble, meanings don’t really matter – it takes up too much gray matter. Learn words and lingo – things like hooks, and bingos, words that defy all the rules of English spelling that you’ve ever been taught – words like ‘qi’, ‘xu’, ‘ch’ and strategies of placement and things like making 50 points off a two letter word because you placed an x on a triple letter score that makes two words, become a phonics artist – how do you spell the letter ‘s’?.

And how does all of this tie into the six word title of my story? I knew a guy who studied word lists – different lists – in the bathroom, having coffee, by the refrigerator, by the phone, lists and lists and lists of words, with little concept of globalised English (you had to learn and unlearn words depending on if you wanted to play American scrabble or non-American scrabble). It’s a game that can use time-clocks (like chess clocks), that has software dedicated to it []. It’s a game that really isn’t over until the last tile is played off someone’s rack. Of course WordBiz makes me a little lazy, I don’t have to calculate scores of plays or possible plays, it does that for me. You can play any time game from 3 minutes to 25+ (and that’s per person). And no matter how hard I try, my time runs out before I’m done. So, check it out at: .

PS: ‘adiposy’ is not an acceptable word.


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