Twas the night before ……

Lost the half typed post and zemana activity some time post midnight so here’s the second try. Last night I packed again. Tonight we leave for London, the second flight for Beloved Daughter and me on the way to the house that Abraham and his son Ishmael built. On Thursday night we left Barbados for Trinidad where we will join the larger group to fly to London.

This week was spent at work, celebrating anniversary number 18 with now unemployed BelovedHusband, packing, catching the cold, feeling butterflies.

On Wednesday we visited two special families who befriended me and I teared up (sad thing about traveling or doing anything with minors is their annoying ability to comment on emotions which you would prefer to keep private:() when we got home other friends visited and we discovered a tradition of hajj mabroors (gifts given to those departing for hajj).

On Thursday we rushed home and about half hour later and about an hour and a half before home departure time I remembered that I had not updated my will , lAst being done when youngest was in utero eight years ago. Rush slight panic BelovedHusband still not home breathe breathe. Did it got it signed and witnessed, found suitcase zip broken as we were about to go out the door, and unpacked and repacked.


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