Unmasked pilgrims.

So, I spent the first week of Azizia trying to fight a cold. We luckily had three doctors in our group so I got a room visit and apart from the meds, was told to wear the masks. Ha! I didn’t for the entire trip. Many others did – amongst my five roommates, amongst our group, amongst the 2.3 million pilgrims visiting Mecca this year.

Check out this link for a good and simple explanation of the rites of Hajj: http://news.in.msn.com/gallery/the-hajj-3#image=1

I did cover my mouth when coughing. Many others didn’t. I assume it’s cultural. What was amazing was the diversity of the pilgrims – I long gave up trying to determine ethnicity, I marvelled at the different facial structures, colours, clothing. In Mecca, we were blessed to be accommodated at Markarim Ajyad, a short walk away from the Grand Mosque


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