Walking to Mina

We were adequately warned. Hajj meant walking. No, that’s not its literal meaning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We walked to Mina, the tent city, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and the base of all rites for the days of Hajj. (1hr45mins from our hotel in Azizia). We slept on pallets in airconditioned tents, we prayed in those tents, we watched pilgrims sleep on the pavements and on the roads, we watched the attendants sleep on cardboard. We left Mina by bus to go to Arafat, and returned from Muzdalifa to Mina by bus. We walked from Mina through vented tunnels with moving flat escalators and thousands of companions to stone the jamarat and to celebrate Eid ul Adha in a foreign land, to await word of completed qurbanis and shaved mahrams, to have our OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlocks trimmed, and to bathe and dress and feel blessed. We walked to Mina in the late hours of the night, and marvelled at the toys and lights on display, we ate Al Baik broasted chicken and chips in the tents at Mina and slept a little. 46OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then we walked back in the pre-dawn hours to perform Hajj tawaf and sa’ee. We walked again.


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