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The Rebellious Rasools

For some time now, I have wanted to write a book on the rebellious acts of the Prophets (saws) of Allah (swt). It was particularly reinforced when my 13 year old came home with a detention assignment – write a 500 word essay on ‘The Importance of Obeying Authority’. No, I am definitely not a non-conformist, and not rebellious in the least (was that tongue-in-cheek or not:)). But all that came to mind were the many instances when recognised Authority was WRONG and it was extremely important to NOT OBEY. So, my book blurb would be:

Rasool: Arabic for Prophet sent by God

The evolution of society shows a long history of conformity and change. Here, fivesc brings a fresh telling to the stories of the prophets who by their words and actions, rebelled against the societal accepted breaches of their God’s laws.

(PS: This was in response to a postaday challenge – but I’d forgotten how to link to the postaday)