Rabbi-ul-Awal & a t(r)ickle of Seerah

It’s the birth (and death) month of the Prophet Muhammad saws.

While in Madinah last year, our group was accompanied by Brother Iqbal, who from time to time shared pearls of knowledge… Our group leader constantly referred us to “The Sealed Nectar” and during my teenaged youth I read Martin Lings’ :Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, a fantastic read for a non-avid reader of bibliographies (and unfortunately not yet available on Kindle).

So Iqbal shared the story of the Rasool’s (saws) transient visit to Umm Ma’bad while on his way from Makkah to Madinah, and the miracles he performed  during that visit. I’ve visited “My Struggle Within” and found these versions of Umm Ma’bad’s recount of the Beloved Rasool’s (saws) physical appearance:


She said:
“I saw a man who is handsome, of glowing countenance, and of good proportions, with neither a large stomach nor a small head. He is smart of appearance, with balanced features, deep black eyes, and long eyelashes. His voice is not coarse. He has a long neck, a full rounded beard, and thick eyebrows that meet each other. When he is silent, he is stately and composed, and when he speaks, his appearance is impressive.

“He is the most beautiful and striking man from a distance and the best and most beautiful from close up. He is well spoken, clear in what he says, saying neither too much nor too little, his words flowing forth like a perfect string of pearls.

“He is neither too tall nor overly short, a stately man in the company of two other stately men (one of them was Abu Bakr RA), and he is the most prominent among them and the most well-respected.

“He has companions who surround him. If he speaks, they listen to him, and if he commands, they hasten to fulfill his command. He is well served and attended, though he is neither stern nor argumentative.”


Excerpt from “Biographies of the Prophet’s Companions and their Successors” By Muḥammad ibn Jarīr Ṭabarī, Ella Landau-Tasseron


“I saw a man, pure and clean, with a handsome face and a fine figure. He was not marred by a skinny body, nor was he overly small in the head and neck. He was graceful and elegant, with intensely black eyes and thick eyelashes. There was a huskiness in his voice, and his neck was long. His beard was thick, and his eyebrows were finely arched and joined together. When silent, he was grave and dignified, and when he spoke, glory rose up and overcame him. He was from afar the most beautiful of men and the most glorious, and close up he was the sweetest and the loveliest. He was sweet of speech and articulate, but not petty or trifling. His speech was a string of cascading pearls, measured so that none despaired of its length.”

This hadîth is related by al-Hâkim in al-Mustadrak (3/9-10), al-Tabarânî in al-Mu`jam al-Kabîr (3605), Abû Nu`aym in Dalâ’il al-Nubuwwah (282-278), and al-Lâlikâ’î in I`tiqâd Ahl al-Sunnah (1434-1437).

Have a great Jummah!


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