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Who listens?

Powerful Suggestion

What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?


The question isn’t really what you wish was given, it’s what piece of advice you wish you had acted upon. My children are now 15, 14 and 8 respectively. I work. Sometimes long hours.

So what I wish is that I had taken my own desire and advice to myself and acted upon it – work a job which allowed me to leave work at 3 and take my children home or wherever else they needed to be.

The measure of success is not the economic yardstick, it is the weight of the good deeds that you do, and the righteous children that you raise.

I wish



A day makes a difference

When I posted on May 5th, both my parents were alive. By that night, my vibrant, charismatic, liver of life, father was no more. Well, save for his corporeal body and his soul.

The following day, he was buried in Charlieville, his birthplace, as per his wishes. In his family’s burial plot, next to his mother.

“Every soul shall taste of death” and to Him (Allah swt) is our eventual return.

May Allah be pleased with him.


Two for me

If I could split myself I be

with my loved ones over the sea

here and there I’d take you near

my home my hearth to me all dear

near two decades ago I wrote

that wherever you were would be my home

naive I was, but together we remain

and home is home all the same

I would love to be both there and here

but the two across can’t travel far

my heart won’t split ajar

so you four would have to be my constant companions

love exists here and there

kith and kin

near and far

love can exist in two places