Ramadan Whispers – BAML

An intended group of youth (and youthful) muslimahs, the BAML, has been over the past three years or so, soliciting donations in non-perishable items to organise Ramadan baskets for distribution amongst the community. As always, there is the dilemma that given that charity is best done silently, but organised efforts needs be whispered about. And here is a whisper.

Baskets have literally been laundry baskets/tubs, and last year mop buckets, and this year, clear bags.

It was challenging as chief cooks and bottle washers were busy, busy, busy, but our helpers and contributors came through in response to a very close to start of Ramadan call for donations and help. Our target this year was 30 hampers, inspired by last year’s unexpected ability to organise 30 hampers. Target was achieved along with bonuses!


So, if you’re looking to do a similar drive, here are some things to consider:

  • time frame for sending out requests for donations
  • list of items and quantities required
  • list of persons to contact for requests
  • list of persons and contact information to be contacted with responses
  • central location for drop-offs and packaging (availability of someone all day to collect) (avoids having to transport everything to the packaging location)
  • updating of list
  • reminders, follow-ups
  • collation of cash, list of donors, bookkeeping
  • contact with supermarket for purchase of vouchers, delivery of funds to supermarket, collection of vouchers
  • envelopes of vouchers
  • purchase of items additional to what collected
  • organising place time and helpers for packaging
  • floor space, table space
  • BAML prep1BAML prep2 
  • refreshments for helpers
  • scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, confetti, cellophane (wrapping supplies)
  • list of what goes in which hampers, especially if number of particular items is less than target amount
  • list of recipients
  • list of distributors to recipients
  • reconciling of accounts
  • packaging (big help was to organise the items by type, and then group to be bagged)

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