Rocket ships & jalsas

Sayf's Rocket

This post is late in publishing as my trusty little BlackBerry has been having charging issues and is headed to the BlackBerry graveyard 😦 so I couldn’t get the photo uploaded.

My son’s class theme this term was transportation with the mandate to present three means – one for water, one for air, and one for land. We did one 😦 The children’s projects and evidence of what they’ve done during the school year are usually displayed at their jalsa, with open day for fathers usually after school, and jalsa itself for mothers and children, and other female guests.

The rocket above was made from two PET bottles, one half filled with pebbles to give some stability. The fins were made according to this tutorial but we had major difficulties fitting the cone. Eventually, we had to add half of the second PET bottle, and use construction paper. The body of the rocket was that kind of book-cover which allows water to run off rather than seep through and was plain so we jazzed it up with flames (outlined and filled with markers), some peel and stick foil stars (which we had to glue cuz I had it so long), and stencilled name (child came up with ‘Rocket’ and ‘Super-Rocket’ – siblings vetoed but didn’t really have much better suggestions so ****-Nova it was). The fins were cardboard (cut out from a box), and covered with construction paper and stars.

PS: The cone wasn’t damaged until post-delivery to school, so just pretend that there was no tearing, and the entire cone top was covered with the blue construction paper:)


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