The Don’ts of Ramadan ………

So, during this month, over the past few years, there have been daily Ramadan publications in one of our daily newspapers. From time to time, I might submit one. Beloved Daughter and I wrote a few this year(independently of each other) , but that in itself is no guarantee of publication!This is one of the ones we did, the source material coming from a Ramadan Special publication referred to by BelovedHusband since his reversion (not to be confused with adversion) almost two decades ago. (When I find it again – this is typing in the dark without my spectacles, and with only a monitor as the source of illumination – I’ll hopefully remember to credit the publisher). In addition to the prohibition against partaking in food, drink and/or conjugal relations:

Refrain from looking at any blameworthy thing lest it diverts ones attention from the remembrance of their Lord; Close one’s ears to every reprehensible thing – every undesirable word to speak is also undesirable to hear Refrain from lying, backbiting, absurd talk, obscenity, hypocrisy Hold back one’s hand from doing wrong; and Restrain one’s step from going in the wrong direction.

I had graphics to support each don’t so it was more visual, but I cannot figure out how to reproduce them here 😦 PS: Found this cute graphic at this link , credits go to the creator(s). Ramadan Day6


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