Football & Fasting

I give credit to whoever came up with the graphic that I’ve attached. I’ve now seen it on so many facebook accounts that I can’t tell whence it originated.

I have avid footballers in my house (Sons) and their enthusiast father, BelovedHusband. The latter signed up Elder Son for a football tournament over this weekend – result: Day 1 of Tournament, Elder Son is put in the last bit of the second half of the second game and is parched. On Day 2, Saturday, he survives the fasting and the football, and on Day 3, he sits out the finals for unrelated reasons.  On Day 3, the younger brother participates in a football showcase, but we allowed him to not fast (he’s 8 and this year, he has fasted 6 complete days so far – couldn’t rouse him this morning). BelovedHusband is subbing for the manager of Elder Son’s team so was on the field as well. A very hot field. BelovedDaughter and I went to watch the final match after attending the Ramadan lecture – she in black abaya sat unsheltered for the game and the additional 1 hour waiting period before it started late. I stayed in the car with the air condition on and the tinted windows.

The days are hot.

Check out this link for some info on the footballers who may be fasting during the FIFA 2014 games: And may they be granted the ability to fast and perform on the field, and may their fasts be accepted.


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