Ramadan Whispers – BAML Potluck Iftar Part 1

Last night, the BAML hamper-packers (see earlier post: Ramada Whispers-BAML) got together to share a potluck iftar (a planned potluck).

Unlike the previous years, our families (ie: spouses & sons) were also invited. After a rain-filled day (resulting in re-siting or our open air backyard salaat zone and serious reshuffling of indoor furniture as well as a less spacious seating area in case of more rain), we met in a rainless atmosphere for calling of the adhaan by the only male teenager wearing a jubbah and therefore nominated by his co-teenagers, breaking of the fast, maghrib salaat, 3 minute talk (at venue hostess’ request) on Prophet’s hadith about the insufficiency of merely refraining from food and drink and the refraining from other acts during the month of Ramadan (see earlier post: the-donts-of-Ramadan), dinner, sending off of males to congregational taraweeh salaat at the various venues while eating dessert, packing up, washing up, clearing up, drinking of freshly made chai and more leisurely eating of desserts, walking home of neighbours, dismantling of BAML banner, finding fridge space, dropping home of foreign guest, farewell to guests, praying of isha and taraweeh, recitation of Qur’an, and finally, no sleep for BelovedDaughter and self because of the unexpected kick of the chai, sehri (ok, I have to stop now, last 5 items were me, not BAML:( ). I’m posting the dessert below in unadorned form, because I cannot figure out how to get the frames of the menu lined up when converting from MSWord to PDF or in an MSWord blog post, and my printer only printed some of the colours so scanning was senseless (am I rambling? – it must be the Histal taken before end of sehri and which knocked me out finally for 4-5 hours), and I don’t get enough traffic on this site to be helped with my techie issues (sob). Menu & pix will be posted in next post – you only get a teaser here




IMG-20140717-WA0011 IMG-20140717-WA0012

(Photos compliments Sumaiya – I was banned by my Trini friend from taking any pics of food:( )


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