Ramadan Whispers – Thank you my friends!

Good friends are hard to find, especially if you’re a crabby, opinionated, vertically challenged one who likes to eat off your friend’s plate (because their food tastes so much better ???) and who doesn’t necessarily extend to little touches. Good friends don’t expect thanks, seldom voice it (especially if they don’t agree with your frank comments), but always appreciate it!

So, here’s to thanking A (who brings me tokens all the time – including Pea, Body & Sherman which she had tried naming Pee, Wee & Herman, one Siamese fighter fish and two guppies, because my office looked unloved) for bringing me unexpected flowers last night –

IMG-20140717-WA0010IMG-20140717-WA00062014-07-17 03.31.26

and to J, for

  • providing me with opportunities to pretend I have a social life
  • introducing me to sushi and letting me overeat (sehri could only be water as a result)
  • letting BelovedHusband drag her from her hotel despite her unheard exhortations that she had work to do, and bring her anti-social self to socialise with persons unknown
  • looking most unimpressed when I handed her the flowers that A brought, but arranging them anyway (although I did tell her that the net had to be cut off, ROTFL)
  • setting out the food for dinner while we prayed
  • taking charge
  • bossing around my children in a firm and unraised voice
  • letting me steal roti off her plate since I could only nibble at dinner last night, and buffing me for doing so, and
  • complaining that I didn’t give her a scarf to wear at the iftar

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