Miror mirror – pink & fuzzy

Hmmm, how does pink & fuzzy tie in with a mirror? Well, see pic. BD (who suggested BakerDaughter instead of BelovedDaughter) has fuzzy hair – fuzzy being the adjective of choice for both herself and Youngest when describing BD’s hair – twirly and curly and combed not as frequently as I would like. This du’a is for her – for those times when her fuzzy hair frustrates her – and for all of us who may not like what we see when we look in that mirror. mirrorA recurring theme for me is gratitude to Allah, Allah s.w.t. who creates beauty. So, let us express our gratitude to him for our beautiful, wild, fuzzy, hard to control, greying, salt and pepper, thick, thin, straight can’t do a thing with, wiry, kinky, wavy, range of browns hair.


Du’a when looking in the mirror:

Oh, Allah,

You have beautified my body, so do beautify my character

By the way, Youngest from time to time hates HIS hair – really curly hair. I by the way, love all the various shades, hues, colours, and textures of hair – but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy combing all of them either. (I am yet to embrace bald although I see an increasing circle on the top of BH’s head:) )


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