Ramadan Whispers – refashioning the menu

So, A calls yesterday to say that she wanted to drop off some rotisserie chicken (from some new place). Ummm, OK? And not just one, but two. Hey A, one is more than enough. No, two, you have a big family and like me, you all like chicken. Well, yes we like chicken, but our family’s not that big, and this Ramadan, our portion sizes have been smaller – stomachs refuse to be stretched! Even Youngest (a meat mouth if ever you met one) has been eating less chicken, and this Ramadan I see that he invariably starts with the meat and ends with the starch (starch being eaten only because I insist). So, that thing about portion sizes – I hope the photos bear that out! So, the chicken. Made me call home to tell BD (you remember, the re-named BakerDaughter) to put up (apparently that is a ‘Maine’ phrase but it is definitely Bajan too – Bajan, not Cajun, as in colloquial expression meaning Barbadian:)) the meatballs we’d taken down to thaw for a spaghetti and meatball dish.

2014-07-22 19.01.39
boiled corn, steamed broccoli, baked French fries, rotisserie chicken, rotisserie sauce

and here's the missing plaintain
and here’s the missing plaintain

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