You remember that BD and I were helping out with articles for the locally published Ramadan Message in a daily newspapers. So, reviewing Bro S’ article for Saturday, which speaks to sadqat-ul-fitr, and not quite jiving with the phrasing of a particular sentence, I did the usual search. Here are some rules of sadqat-ul-fitr:


  1. Sadqat-ul-Fitr is a purification for those who fasted from vain speech and sins that may have been committed by them during their days of fasting. 
  2. The Prophet (s.a.w.s) declared it compulsory upon the young and old, the male and female, the liberated slave and the servant. 
  3. It is a purification for the body, food given to the poor, and comfort to the needy.
  4. A Muslim man is required to give Sadaqat’ul Fitr on behalf of himself, as well as those who are under his care such as his wife, children, family. Please note, Mufti at responded to a question on this payment for wife and mature children:

    Q: If a father discharges sadaqatul fitr on behalf of his wife and baaligh children without their permission, will the sadaqatul fitr be discharged?

    A: He should take their permission before discharging the sadaqatul fitr. However if he did not take their permission, the sadaqatul fitr will only be discharged in the case where they are under his care. 

  5. Imam Shafi’ee, Malik and Ahmed recommend that an individual fulfils it for his unborn child. 

  6. The place which one gives his Sadaqat’ul Fitr is the city in which he resides, and where he completed the whole Month. That is preferred so that all Muslims rejoice in comfort together.

  7. Eid ul Fitr begins from the setting of the sun on the night of Eid (i.e., when the new moon is sighted on the night before), and it continues until the Eid Salaah (on the next day), and it is permissible to distribute it one or two days before Eid if that is necessary as is found in Bukhari as being the practice of the sahabah. (Rasool said: )

  8. Those worthy of receiving it are those worthy of regular Zakaat.

  9. There are differing views as to whether it is to be given in the food items which the Prophet s.a.w.s gave  or in cash –

    Abdullah Ibn Umar RA is reported to have said; Rasûlullâh SAW instructed us to give Sadaqatul Fitr; 1 Sa’ (a measure used at the time of Rasûlullâh SAW) of dates or 1 Sa’ of Barley. Abdullâh Ibn Umar RA mentions that the Sahabâh RA later gave 2 Mud Sa’) of wheat in place of dates and barley. (Bukhari 1511 and Muslim 7232)

  10. A Saa’ is a volumetric measure and equals 3 Litres zakat-fitr-measurements-saa-three-litres-mudd.htm. Mufti has said 1/2 saa’ is 1.592136 Kg.
  11. There are differing views as to whether the sadqat-ul-fitr is allowed to be remitted overseas.

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