Ramadan Whispers – unforeseen sadaqa

On Friday past, BD and I were caught on our way home at fast-breaking time. A stop by Larry’s Old Fashioned Bakery proved futile (BH reminded me it was Larry’s sabbath) and Harold’s fish & chips line was waaayyyyyyyy too long. What to do, what to do, we couldn’t go to the nearest masjid (only 2 of the 6 masjids/musallahs have facilities for women:)), a call to MK, no answer, ah wait, grapes in car, no wait, Uncle Iq nearby, no calling, just driving there, ringing doorbell and voila – soft soft dates, maghrib, biryani, raita, falooda, jello and custard. And thanks flowing both ways – from BD and me for being allowed to eat and from Uncle Iq and Auntie F for being allowed to feed us!2014-07-27 12.49.57


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