Ramadan Whispers – how to avoid a manic Eid

  1. Avoid cleaning the house from top to bottom
  2. Do not shop for curtains, linens, kitchen or bathroom mats mid year when there is no new stock in or sale on
  3. Do not mow the lawn at 4 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon while fasting and while the sun is blazing hot
  4. Avoid sorting through oodles and oodles of statements, invoices, paper
  5. Order Eid clothes well in advance of two weeks prior to Eid or do not order Eid clothes at all
  6. Include accessories – jewellery, handbag, shoes, scarf
  7. Do not do Eid sweet boxes for any friends or family
  8. Do not bake
  9. Do not attempt to decorate the house
  10. Avoid buying toys for children thereby avoiding having to take off price stickers, wrapping, tagging, and delivering
  11. Avoid giving in to teenaged Baker Daughters who try to convince you that they can execute their grandiose gift ideas with minimal input from you
  12. Avoid assisting teenaged Baker Daughters in the execution of their over-ambitious plans
  13. Avoid giving in to teenaged son’s plug for gifts for his friends
  14. Avoid buying gifts for spouse, children, nieces, friends

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