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Have you visited the Dome of the Rock?

2014-08-24 15.45.252014-08-24 15.45.07This was a model at the ROU Convention this past weekend. Inside was a video on the mosque and its importance to the three faiths – believed to be the site where Ibrahim (saws) was to sacrifice Ismail (saws), and where Muhammad (saws) was to have ascended to the heavens in the Miraaj

i remember ……..

i remember, just one week ago, and two nights after a futile search of the skies for the newborn moon to signal for us the end of the month of ramadan, and the fledging of the month of shawwal,

i remember BD finishing her baked goods, and NOS and I OCDing the filling of her eid boxes,

i remember them fighting over who would accompany which parent to which deliveries, and finally, BH saying we’d all go together

i remember all of the frantic exchanges on the group chat about who saw the moon where, about who retracted their declaration, about the non-sequiturs, the flurry to iron new clothes, the bone-weariness

i remember the rantings of YoungerBrother whose itikaf was recalled for resumption when he was in the car park and EldestUncle was at home

i remember the last fast of ramadan

i remember the final day of preparation – of cleaning, changing, dressing

i remember excited children congregating with tired parents in the living room, blowing up and tying off balloons, unable to sleep for the excitement of eid

i remember the calls to mama and karla and doya

i remember the receipt of eid gifts by children who refused to be fooled by the container in which the gifts were given

i remember the dawn of the eid ul fitr without for the first time in many years if not ever, sawine

i remember a hundred million little tasks to complete before the eid shower, the eid clothes, the eid drive to the open air eid gaah, the eid mubarak greetings before the salaat so unusual in its timing, the eid breeze, the eid khutbah, the eid convivialityeidted

i remember the little orphan girl sitting on my knee

i remember the eid visits, the eid sweets, the eid gifts finally arriving, the eid lunch at 5:30 in the evening

i remember the sharing of greetings and menus and photos with my sisters-in-law

i remember now, lest later I forget