Examples of love…………………….

The end of August and its successor September have always been highlighted months in our family calendar what with Younger Brother, Youngest, Eldest Niece, and Dad. Well, Dad’s gone (and we pray that Allah swt have mercy on his soul), YB just turned 40 (see Qur’an 46:15 and ), EN is away, but Youngest is HERE!

So while YB took Youngest and Youngest Niece to the water park and and then along with BD, N2S, and HRM1 to Playdium, Youngest dictated that he wanted three friends over to …..play video games. Are all persons born after 1990 born with a chip in them that enables them to play video games? Rhetoric aside, that was his wish. So…………with siblings seriously pitching in, three boys over, food cooked, fruit cut, cheesecake baked, poultry barbecued, video games and football, and voila………………

2014-09-14 15.55.40Cheesecake-edit


One thought on “Examples of love…………………….

  1. Oh there were more to celebrate , Mia -England ,Edward-England Hadi – USA , Vishal – T’dad Yus-Tdad . So when I looked at the calendar , I said to myself oh my gosh . Then Jasso – grand aunt died. Still there was a lot to celebrate . Glad Saif’s was cool- a year older . Hope u all have a wonderful week . All the best

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