Dhul Hajj is in the House!

Image credit: hidayat.org

The moon was sighted signalling the start of the 12th month of the Islamic year, and the month in which the first 10 days are significant. For BD and me, it has brought back memories of where we were one year ago, but for all of us, it is a time for us to examine whether we have the nisaab that qualifies us to perform the qurbani/udhiyya incumbent on each of us who is mature, competent in mind.

Have you found the animal yet which is free of defects and whose hair or wool will gain you many rewards in the Hereafter, when you are present at its slaughter on one of the three days of Eid ul Adha – the 10th 11th or 12th of Dhul Hajj – provided of course that you approach the udhiyya with the right intention?

If the animal you buy is lost, stolen, or dies prior to Eid, it is incumbent on you to procure another. Unfortunately, we have already heard of animals being purchased, and when the purchaser turns up to collect it, the seller was not the person with the right to sell; and of animals purchased, but killed without more by persons unknown. Many now are the instances of just the head of the animal being found when owners return to pastures. Allah swt is the All-Knowing.


One thought on “Dhul Hajj is in the House!

  1. This is what I just wrote to your brother , there is so much going on that I wonder now if people know right from wrong as humans are being treated worst than animals I pray that SWT can take away the evil from most of us . The middle east is where islam was born but look at the trouble there ? Would it ever stop . Your brother said another set left for hajj this week . May they all gain Allah’s favor and have a blessed and holy ,safe and healthy pilgrimage . Hope you all are in good health . Love to all Sent from my iPad

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