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cupcakes – not! From Start to Finish

2014-11-10 19.46.42

Ok, the title is not as deceptive as the photo suggests. Nothing beats the combination of chocolate and orange (see Terry’s Orange Ball). This was a delightfully delicious orange chocolate creamsicle cupcake, with all of its divine-ness in the frosting. But a cupcake tastes SO different from a slice of cake.

And I didn’t make the cupcake (compliments go to Sister Waheeda), but I started and finished eating it!

Remember the du’a before you eat:
In the name of Allah and with the Blessings of Allah (I begin)

Remember the du’a when you forget to say the above du’a (this is Youngest’s most frequently uttered):
In the name of Allah in the beginning and end

And remember the du’a when you finish:
All praise belongs to Allah, who fed us and quenched our thirst and made us Muslims.

I learnt today that there are other alternatives to the finishing du’a (from
All praise belongs to Allah who filled our stomachs and quenched our thirst, rewarded us and gave us plentiful OR
O Allah, You grant us blessings in it and grant us better than it OR
All Praise belongs to Allah who granted this meal, (which I received) without my power or effort