Make space

Errol Barrow Day – a public holiday in Bim. For the past 9 years, the Nurse family has hosted the Lawson Nurse Memorial Scrabble tournament, and for some of us, it’s become the only time each year that we play Scrabble face to face with human beings.

This year I attended reluctantly, Scrabble, believe it or not, takes physical stamina, and Chick V virus tends to drain that. My aim was to play 3 rounds and leave – our typical tournament runs 6 rounds so that we could be there all day, not my goal this year. But the road to victory is sometimes quirky.

I won the 3 rounds I played before lunch. Did that pose a dilemma? Should I leave on a winning note?

I stayed and played. And readied to leave. To be reminded that my game board was still in play (by other competitors). So I waited some more.

And lo and behold –

2015-01-21 17.21.11

Highest game score ironically against the second highest scorer who complained bitterly without realising that my high score was made against him.

So message to NOS was to make space – he has been conducting this one way competition against me to see who has the greater number of trophies.

Now, what does this have to do with being a deenbuddy? I asked myself that exact question. And pondered. Too often, persons seek to dissect (or multisect) Islam into secular and religious. But Islam is a way of life and all aspects of our life can be the worship of Allah swt. There are some who seek to decry the significance or indeed, even the usefulness of leisure activity within our lives, but levity and leisure are I think, essential to physical, mental, and spiritual health.


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