Sharing WordFlow

2015-01-27 06.39.06

Some years ago, when NOS was engaged in hafiz classes, and was berating me for the absence of fluency in my own reading, I asked whether there was an equivalent to Ladybird Key Words books and was told no. Last year, or maybe the year before that, when I was in tajweed learning mode, I saw and purchased the above from SoundVision . There it sat, atop my concrete room divider, until my friend (and tajweed learning partner) came over and I held it aloft to show her. “Oh, for me?” “Uh…no.” some time later I caved and passed it along unopened. So, I bought myself another, and this time, it sat in the bookcase reserved for Islamic literature. Today, I opened it. So I share. It comprises 92 ‘key’ words, one Arabic word per side of 46 flash cards. My intent is to pin them on the whiteboard to start the process. Will let you know how it goes. Hmmm, I have inserted links to Ladybird and SoundVision but they are invisible on the post………

The instructions are below:

2015-01-27 06.38.05


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