Lord of All the Worlds – Praise and Prayers (amidst sargassum seaweed)


This Sunday, we started tafsir of Sura Fatiha – The Opening. Amongst its seven ayahs is the verse:
“All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” – Tafsir: Allah deserves to be praised for the perfection of His qualities, material gifts, and spiritual blessings. Therefore, people should praise Him for everything He has given them. He alone deserves it. He is the Lord of the worlds, meaning He made everything that exists, maintaining it at every moment. He is the Lord who nourishes the believers with faith and good works.

The first 3 verses are verses of praise, the last 3 verses are verses of prayer, and the middle verse is a blend of both.

This Saturday, we travelled to Atlantis Restaurant, Bathsheba, on the East Coast, near to the famous soup bowl (surfers). The photo is one taken from the deck of the restaurant where we had a ‘spot’ of tea (well Great-Aunt and I did, the children had iced coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce). And there, in all of its splendour was this little boat out on the Atlantic Ocean, framed by swaying coconut trees and mats of sargassum seaweed.


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