Menk quote – what do we spew?

There were copious amounts of foodstuff at the Muslim Fair this weekend – biryani, gyros, burgers, pizza, samosas, wraps, barbecue, fries, sweetmeats galore, ice cream, lattes, chillers, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone (pic to be posted later), even lamb hot dogs (new for me and untried since although I have come a long way in now being able to cook them touch them and even smell them without hurling the entire contents of my stomach (7 intestines and all), I really cannot get them into my mouth – ooh, I feel like throwing up right now….) – all halal.

Menk: “We spend so much time being ultra careful over what we put into our mouths (halal) but we do not devote any time at all to what comes out of our mouths (haram)”.


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