Kaffan, not Kaftan – Shrouded

Last Sunday, while most nations observed/celebrated Mother’s Day, a member of our community passed away. BH attended the janaaza, and I got to the deceased’s home just as the males were exiting the home with the deceased shrouded on a bier.

I did not know the deceased brother, so I cannot tell what his frame was like prior to his death. But what struck me, as it did when I saw my father shrouded, was how shrunken in frames, those bodies bereft of soul and eyesight and life, were.

The shroud, is known as the kaffan, and is usually two or three lengths of white cotton. The body is wrapped in the kaffan, and knotted at the head and feet.


One thought on “Kaffan, not Kaftan – Shrouded

  1. Madam always remember it depends on the persons age, if they were ill to be in such condition .The other thing is how long the body is kept after death , remember some people embalm the Body so it takes a bit longer to change form . Don’t think about it as there are different circumstances . Hearten everyone is different . We did bury your grand father in the kaftan also if you remember and he didn’t look so withdrawn . Best wishes to all , by the way I bought a shrimp roti and now having fried channa then a currents roll”…envy

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