N is for Nikah


Younger Brother announced that he was getting nikahed in the week before Ramadan commenced. That sentence needs a couple of explanations. One, ‘nikahed’ is not really a verb as nikah is the act of marriage, the contract between the male and the female and the covenant with Allah swt. But, as with all things where we have incorporated Arab/Islamic terms into our mother (and father) language of English, we extemporise until it’s genericised. So what he meant was that his nikah was going to be performed. Two, the phrasing of the sentence suggests that either the announcement was made in the week before Ramadan or that the nikah was occurring in the week before Ramadan. Well, why waste words, when you can kill two birds with one stone? (that by the way may or may not be a proper means of zabihah but feel free to comment). Anyway, back to the two birds in the hand – the sentence meant both. YB announced (to me) on Tuesday that he was getting nikahed on Thursday, all in the week before Ramadan. “So, you coming?” Well, one, I was out at movie night with Youngest, in the midst of Home, away from home, overseas from nikah venue, swamped with work, aiming to spend August home with BH, BD, NoS, and Youngest ….. well, you see where I’m coming from. Hmmm. Of course, if it was for another event, I would have made the effort. So, all things being considered equal, south I flew with a wedding backdrop that I just happened to have lying around, south I drove myself, south we had that arrangement done in under an hour with the note that the bride’s colours were white and silver, and the tablecloths were an unknown shade of green, and backdrop was a sunset scene with blues and oranges. A major shout out for Trinidad Flower Creators. So , we were still south, where I collected resident maternal mother and visiting maternal aunt, who both happened to wear shades of orange, and Middle Niece and arrived further south after navigating with teenager’s know it all ness, along highways unknown. We rigged up the backdrop (oh, did I mention that I sat and coloured with crayons the names of the groom and bride to pin onto that backdrop – cannot post as maintaining anonymity:)). Mother and Youngest Niece were only persons fully dressed when bride and entourage arrived, and greeted. We hustled, bathed, dressed, head wrapped, walked back out to see Elder Sis-in-Law, and Aunt, who had arrived with Older Brother and cake – frosted in ombre of yellow to orange.

See Next Post for Part II of this tale.


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