Next Post – an additional HM


Next post as promised – Nikah Part II. Ha! That suggests that the Nikah had begun in the last post. No, no that post was merely the prelude, the sampler, the taster.

See the white and silver colour scheme we were supposed to follow? And, no that is not Bride’s hand holding the bouquet. 

So, you thought we were all set, having bathed, dressed etc and issued forth into the hall. Yes, well we thought so too. But the Imam had other ideas. Younger Brother’s favourite word is ‘sabr’ (patience), and there is a hand gesture to accompany it. He has infected my BD and Middle Niece and all others are aware. So, we waited, and socialised, and moved around the guests, while we waited for his eminence. Younger Brother emerged in slightly less clothes than he had intimated, but be not scandalised, it was merely sans the jubbah, he wore a jacket and tie (a most horrendous looking tie but the camera compensated greatly for that). And not in any colour that went with anything btw. So we waited, added a jug of water and glasses to the table. Greeted maternal uncles three (eldest was off meeting the prime minister).

Then, he arrived. And we began with the opening dua by Older Brother. He was wali (Bride’s representative) an Elder Brother and Z-Man were Younger Brothers’ representatives. They proceeded to Bride’s (air-conditioned) Chamber and asked the requisite questions and got the affirmative responses, then returned to report to us. Then, the question was asked of Younger Brother who eventually got it right (it was always affirmative just not in the right tense). Then the Bride emerged, in white and silver, the khutbah was given and the rights and rites were explained. Rings exchanged although there was a moment of tension when Eldest Niece couldn’t discharge her ring bearing responsibility since Younger Brother had snagged the ring himself. Sharbat (not sherbet) drunk – this is red soda, or soft drink which culturally the bride and groom share in a light hearted moment for the rest of us to comment on how they will share during their marriage. Speeches were made, some tears shed, ambience such that the crowd frequently interjected, and the newest HM was introduced and welcomed to the very loud family.

May Allah swt bless their marriage and may they find contentment in each other, and their families.

Oh, and as a post-script, the wedding cake was not chocolate, the food (prepared by Z-Man) was great (stew chicken, curried goat, mother-in-law, roti, and I think there were pumpkin and channa and aloo (the risks of blogging so long after). With ice cream.


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