Youngest enters double digits, subhaan’Allah


Youngest spent the 10th anniversary of his birth at school,

but afore he departed, he was treated

to pancakes and cocoa

and a gift

Upon his return, he waited for his siblings and his mum

and joined them and his dad

for a dish of lasagne a la Garfield

Some time in between he voiced that BakerDaughter

had baked him a cake from which Number One Son had partaken a slice

Ooh said mum, I didn’t know said NoS

So out came the decoy cake featured below

And out came the feature cake pictured above

And at fajr, and maghrib and every other prayer that day

and at every prayer

shukr is given for their blessings

the blessings that they are, and the blessings that they have2015-09-14 19.10.55


One thought on “Youngest enters double digits, subhaan’Allah

  1. Hey youngest the next thing I will see is mustache , then your voice changes and I will not be able the recognize if it’s 1st or 2nd male I am speaking to . Happy Birthday again. Wish you many more lovely happy and blessed years.

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