Eid ul Adha 2015, Barbados

2015-09-24 07.14.44

Once more, some of us Muslims present in Barbados yesterday, attended Eid gaah at the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary. After the salaat and the khutbah, and the snacks, we dispersed. Some of us to perform the qurbani and the associated tasks of cutting up, weighing, parcelling, distributing, cooking, eating.

For me, it is always …..nostalgic might be the best adjective, but teary in any event, where one’s chest fills, to witness the udhiya. Growing up, my father would have been the main protagonist, guiding my maternal uncles through the process. I remember very clearly standing with head covered touching the particular selected animal while the intention was recited by the person carrying out the slaughter, with the names of those who took shares in same. My experience in Barbados has been different – personal intention is sufficient. So BD, NoS and I, and BH when we can find him, usually recite the intention for ourselves and get on with it.

Which we did yesterday. The friends who usually take shares with us are relocating, so yesterday BD and I skinned the cowheels under their supervision, so that next year we can do it on our own.

Our other traditions were to eat some of the liver (cooked) that day. BH abhors liver, and Children are not particularly enamoured. I had some of our host’s as did Youngest who enjoyed it but didn’t want to.

May Allah swt accept our sacrifices.


One thought on “Eid ul Adha 2015, Barbados

  1. I take pleasure reading about your experiences . Some people tend to forget where they come from and the traditions they followed . It’s good that you remember and want to share with your family . Keep up the good work

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