A Qurbani Luncheon

It has been a while since Eid ul Adha was observed, and I have always been a strong proponent of sharing out of the meat on the same day of the slaughter. However, one compromises in a family setting, and particularly, in a country where the majority of the islamic community’s traditions differ from my homeland’s. So frequently, we have adapted and cook the meat which was to be shared out and invite others to partake in a qurbani lunch. By cook, I meant we outsource the cooking of the meat in a biryani, and we usually do the sides. This year we outsourced and cooked. For lunch, there was:


pineapple sweet potato pie

macaroni pie

orange glazed plaintain (baked)

meatless moussaka (eggplant, mushroom sauce, mozzarella, black beans, onion, parmesan)

cucumber raita

greek salad

mango achar

Ferozah’s special (none of us knows the name of this salad, but it might be a version of the 7 layer lettuce salad)

Followed by desserts supplied by BakerDaughter, BakerAunt, and other friends to whom I am deeply grateful:

jello with custard & whipped cream

bread pudding

carrot cake pops

chocolate cake

chocolate cupcakes


mint brownies


coconut log roll

light fruit cake

apple pie with crumble topping

sponge cake


This post would so be enhanced by photos but there were none of the food or desserts or the decor (ginger lilies and fishes), nor of the street football. The most I can offer is Number 1 Son’s cake which he cut the following day:)2015-11-16 08.04.03


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