Google doc – a Ramadan aid

This is not about the Google Ramadan app blogged about last year. If you check out Ramadan Whispers and Ramadan 2015 – BAML Drive you’ll know what I’m talking about:) .

What assisted us this year was the use of a Google doc/spreadsheet (on Google Drive) that all collectors could update as they collected donations. The column headings are simple:

  • List of Items (alphabetical works for collection but categorisation by type works for allocation)
  • Target Quantity
  • Total Received
  • Total Needed
  • Extra

To take it further, add an Allocation Spreadsheet with columns:

  • Items
  • Amount Collected
  • Type of Recipient (for example, individuals, 2 member families, medium sized families, large families).
  • A Row header above Type of Recipient would show number of Recipients in that Type/group.

And for the formula driven in you, these Spreadsheets are similar to Excel or WordPerfect tables with formulae, and you can happily enter formulae that yield automatic calculations. This really helped in identifying additional quantities of items to be purchased from cash donations.

So! get up out of your cushy chairs and do a Ramadan Food Drive this Ramadan.




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