The vomiting fasting footballer – the Rule

Yes, we’re still writing about Number One Son. And Youngest, who is not yet considered mature, is fasting too. And practised football while fasting last Friday.

NOS practised Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday and Friday would have been just before iftar. Saturday was in the hot hours of the morning to just about midday. So he vomited when he got home. “Mum, did this break my fast?”

For years, I’ve ‘known’ of this rule – fast is broken if vomiting more than a mouthful. Didn’t make sense to me. But here goes….

The Rule

The intestinal tract running from the throat through stomach and ending with the end of the intestine is the critical tract. Entry of anything (other than the air one usually breathes) through the mouth, nose, a perforated eardrum, or the anus, breaks the fast.

At age 45+ all is made clear to me by the communication of this simple, logical explanation. (This was explained at the Sisters’ talk given on Sunday last).

The spewing of the vomitus doesn’t break the fast. What might break the fast is whether any of the vomit was swallowed (yes, it sounds gross). There are two schools of thought on that, and depends on volition or not, and amount.



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