Eid ul Adha 2016 – Part 1

I know, it’s too long a hiatus between posts. Sigh.

New school year has brought new commitments as BD, NoS, and Youngest each move into a year in which each faces significant examinations before entry into the next phase of their lives.

So this Eid, while we all made it to the Eid gaah at Wanderers, it was a close thing with respect to our physical attendance at the udhiya aspect of Eid ul Adha. BD’s schedule changed from a packed Monday to a low key Monday, Youngest attends the muslim primary school so he had one week off, but NoS chose to go to school – first day of school in a new form. We were merrily on our way home when the telephone call comes – an excited call – “How far away are you? They’re about to kill your bull.” Egads! How does one respond, and more importantly, evade, all of the traffic that you’re stuck in, traffic borne out of the numbers en route to first day of school?

We made it. Fortunately this year, there was not the large number at our usual venue, so we were all present (along with our Bahamian fresher who had accompanied us to salaat and who was viewing this type of activity for the first time), and as usual, humbled.

The hard work began and continued for BH & BD primarily. The cutting up, the lifting, the weighing, the dividing. Without Brothers Shafik & Tariq this year.

And the usual at home activities of weighing again, parcelling, rushing to cold storage, delivering.

And alhamdulillah, accepting friends’ invitations to visit their homes and be fed. Our home meal was simple – cumin seasoned rice, curried chickpea and potato, and Trini style stewed beef. At our friends’, there was beef gohst, naan bread, rice, pickled condiments, mutton curry, tandoori chicken (there were some who were aghast that that dish made it to the menu), liver (the first eaten meat on Eid ul Adha for most normal people I know – with the exception of my nuclear family exclusive of me – they remain stubborn neophytes), legumes.

This is the type of physical activity that this Eid engenders in the Caribbean – a day full of physical work, humbling, peaceful. A day that is all good.


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