What do you do?

What do you do?



when you’re:

  • female
  • muslim
  • have wudu
  • are fully clothed
  • it’s maghrib time
  • you’re physically sitting in a motor vehicle in the carpark of the masjid at *** to which your spouse has driven because he has to pray magrhib salaat as well
  • your spouse is encouraging of your praying in a masjid if that is your desire
  • and you’re aware that that masjid perpetuates a no women policy?

What would you do?


One thought on “What do you do?

  1. Advocate for a space to be created for women. All travelers are supposed to access any mosque for salaat. This has been done at the blue mosque in Marabella (Trinidad). Alternatively, because Almighty Allah is aware at all times and knows what is in your heart, get the car into a position that creates some measure of privacy and offer your salaat. (eg. park close to a wall and open the car doors to create the pardah – just saying)

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