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Being social at Batts Rock – January


So what has this year wrought? Recently, we (Youngest, NOS, BD and I) went to the newly beautified (and gentrified?) Batts Rock beach. Down the hill and to the right. On Barbados’ Gold Coast. Walked along the frequently police-patrolled tree lined beachy area from Batts Rock to almost Paradise Beach, bathed in the slightly rocky-bottomed ocean (bathed, not swam), and frolicked in the sun-kissed waves.

In January (yes, Gregorian calendar), BD & I joined the rest of the ladies group and a bevy of youngsters in the first activity for the group in 2017. Ice breakers and levity on the grassy flats behind the memorial stone pictured above. I saw the words just before I departed before the close of the event – and learnt some more history. It was a timely reminder of a verse my late father frequently quoted:

Naught is the life of the world save a pastime and a spot. Better far is the abode of the Hereafter for those who keep their duty (to Allah). Have ye then no sense?

Surah 6 Ayah 32, Al-Qur’an





Quite some time has passed since I last posted (or truth be told, I felt any muse move me to put fingers to keyboard) on this blog. Much has passed, and I have a plethora of past-time(s) to memorialise here.

Mu’aath bin Jabal, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said: “A person will not move on (on the Day of Judgment) until he has been asked about four things: his life and in what he spent it, his knowledge and what he did with it, his wealth, from where he acquired it and on what he spent it, and his body and how he wore it out.”