World Hijab Day – a paradox on modesty?

Paradox, not parody.

In contemporaneous times, hijab is linked to both fashion & modesty. Is that possible?

Online, we can find numerous pictures, videos, articles, fashion shoots, marketers, retail industries, who promote hijab, beautiful hijab. I have drawers full of hijabs, arranged by colour and hues (yes I admit it, a little OCD) and I love bright colours and while I don’t exactly abhor black, I do veer away from it when I can. I have pins & brooches of every  various colour and shade. I have underscarves of various colours. I match my scarf to my suit or inner blouse, or to my top & jeans, I match my pins to my scarves, I berate my Nieces for wearing drab colours…… I have to pause.

Haya is modesty in Islam. And it is a core value in Islam. Indeed, our Beloved Rasool s.a.w.s said:

 “Every religion has its distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is modesty”

Modesty is not limited to dress, but can be found in behaviour, attitude, words. So that hijab (curtain) I spoke about in my earlier post on WHD is not limited to the cloth around our heads, but extends to the veil if you wish, around our conduct in every regard.

Years ago, ElderBrother questioned whether a hijab which was not black, was really hijab. I understood him then, and I understand now. Are our scarves of beautiful vibrant colours with matching pins and accessories of enhancement really fashioning us into more modest Muslims? Does ‘fashionableness’ derogate from the haya of hijab? Or do we need to simplify it?



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