Your sacrifice – are you present or absent?

Squeamishness aside, NoS has been apathetic towards personally slaughtering the sacrificial animal on Eid ul Adha, and this year, has exhorted his desire to have it performed overseas and the meat distributed to those in need there. My own view is that as much as possible, we should be physically and actively involved in the sacrifice. Differing views aside, I came across the following hadith on this site:-

Hadhrat  Abu  Saeed  Khudri  (radhiyallahu  anhu)  narrates  that  once  on  the  occasion  of  qurbani  The Messenger  of  Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said  to  his  daughter  Fatima  (Radhiyallahu  anha):

O  Fatima!  Stand  near  your  qurbani  animal  and  witness  its  sacrifice,  for  verily  every  drop  of  blood is  forgiveness  for  your  past  sins.”

She  then  inquired:

O  Prophet  of  Allah!  Is  this  virtue  specially  for  us,  the  Ahle  Bait (Family  of  Rasool), or  is  it for  the  entire  Ummat?

The  Prophet upon whom be peace replied:

It  is  for  us  as  well  as  for  the  rest  of  the  Ummat.”

[Musnad  of  Imam  Bazzar]



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