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Port of Entry – Medinah

This time around, I had no intentions of contemporaneous blogging or even photographing elements of the pilgrimage. So here is the deferred blogging, along with some of the very few photographs I took.

We entered Saudi Arabia via Trinidad to London to Muscat to Medinah. Left on Monday evening, and reached Medinah in the early hours of Thursday morning. Reached the hotel in time for fajr salaat at the Prophet’s Mosque.

Customs & immigration were relatively quick, and there was little waiting to board the coach and depart for the hotel.

Of course, the sight and site of significance for most of our four days in Medinah is pictured below:

Hajj Mabroor 1440 A.H.


It has been some time since I posted. But here I am once again. Alhamdulillah, BH & I were blessed to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca and perform the rites of Hajj this past Dhul Hajj (twelfth and final month in the Islamic lunar calendar, falling in the month of August according to the Gregorian calendar).

In Barbados, the starting point of our journey to Mecca,  a friend gifted BH with an ihraam (two un-stitched pieces of white cloth mandatory for use by male pilgrims while performing the Hajj pilgrimage), and another loaned him the money belt and tawaf beads. We also took with us many du’as for a safe and accepted Hajj.

We joined the group of pilgrims that we were travelling with in Trinidad. Unlike the ……..almost unnoticed departure as pilgrims in Barbados, Trinidad’s muslims came out to the airport to see the pilgrims off. In addition to a Trinidad flag-colour branded drawstring bag and  pins, the pictured bag of KC Confectionery (halaal sweet manufacturer brand in Trinidad), was given to each departing pilgrim. A must for every pilgrim who starts to cough in Mecca where this year, the typical temperatures were in the 40s degrees Celsius. BH & I each had a little pail full of various contingency medications – in case we got ill – cough syrup, antihistamine, fever & pain medication, unscented sunblock (which we forgot to take with us for the actual days of Hajj), Vicks chest rub, anti-chafing cream, disposable masks (which we never used).