Ramadan Sip for Iftar

Our Muslim ladies group ran a weekly Healthy Halal competition with a different competition each week.

Week 1 – healthy suhoor

Week 2 – healthy iftar

Week 3- healthy beverage

Week 4- healthy dessert

I had neither interest nor inclination for entering until we cut into a watermelon with fervour, anticipating its juicy bites for iftar one night. It happened to be the week of the healthy beverage competition. Lo and behold! A pale pinkish white pulp revealed itself and we stood there flabbergasted. A little distressed even. Alhamdulillah. I left it atop the counter and went on with other iftar items. Next morning it hit me, google I did for watermelon and cucumber juices, and came across several- cucumber watermelon lemonade, etc. And Agua FRESCA, a Mexican non alcoholic drink made from fruit juices. A tweak or two, and watermelon pulp, unpeeled but seeded cucumber, and juice of two limes blended, chilled, poured into the watermelon rind vessel, garnished with fresh mint leaves, and an iPhone or two, some manipulation to get 2 photos in one with the recipe and a hadith, and the entry was made. I didnt win, but I may have come 2and, this was a social media type contest, so while it called for creativity in presentation etc, it really boiled down to likes by some friends and some strangers.

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