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Backyard Eid Barbecue

I know, it sounds weird. and I have a non-Muslim friend who is adamant that Eid should only be celebrated with Indian food. (To be fair, on Eid day, we did prepare at home lamb vindaloo, pumpkin, stir fried shrimp & paratha & dhalpuri.)

However, the following day, we hosted a very impromptu backyard Eid barbecue at home. Fortunately, our friends were all amenable to what were very last minute invitations:).

Our menu was uncomplicated – macaroni pie, potato salad, barbecued chicken. Friends brought a chicken, a green salad, cole slaw, & added to our servings of garlic bread. Another friend, Sister N, who is holidaying here on her annual retreat to Barbados, brought hot dogs & burgers, and buns. We were able to source homemade pizza to add to the menu as we had some vegetarians and milk-allergic invitees, as well as some lamb sausage – so an unbaked cheese pizza to which BD added the lamb sausage, a cheeseless chicken pineapple & onion pizza, and a vegetarian pizza. Homemade lemonade & sorrel, and Barbados’ Plus & Malt drinks.

The dessert table offered varieties of sweetmeats including BD’s baked goods, a Muslim friendly great cake & coconut bread from L, and oodles of other sweet baked goods. (And I have NO pictures of that central table, sob).

Guests came, and stayed. And even anti-social Youngest softened enough to invite a friend other than the one that BD invited for him without his consent. Alhamdulillah for a soothing relaxed blessed Eid ul Fitr with families and friends.


An impromptu iftar

No photos. Sigh.

So Sunday unfolded. Qur’an recitation was completed in taraweeh the night before at one of the prayer sites for taraweeh. So BH, NoS and Youngest had prayed taraweeh and joined in the fried rice, potato salad & barbecue chicken that was shared out to the congregants. We benefited (should that be spelt with a double t?) from the extra fried rice. BD & I had journeyed to Masjid e Quba to share in the iftar (similar menu but with a distinct Guyanese flavour) and stayed on for taraweeh.

Sunday morning, there was extra fried rice at home, I had purchased some watermelon the day before, and there was Sister W’s invitation to join her at home for iftar (a kinda potluck thing). It was sent out during the week, and no one on our group chat had responded. But I did on Sunday, but oops, having had no response, she had accepted her brother’s invitation to iftar that evening. Anyway, after some bumbles and fumbles, we agreed that Sister N (who’s on her annual visit from the US) and I would go over to Sister W for iftar. BH would kindly barbecue a chicken for us, and I would take the watermelon (chunked and chilled) and the fried rice, and Sister W would throw together a salad (her variations are seemingly endless). And an interested party (S) would also join us. The open invitation was extended to all of the sisters to join us and bring the meal which they would have eaten had they remained at home alone.

And lo and behold, Youngest invited himself over to Sister F’s home, and NoS tagged along. (Yes, I verified whether it was convenient, although every other member of my household reiterated that they are always welcome at Sister F’s). So they took chunked & chilled watermelon & tandoori chicken (may have been beef) pies that BD organised. (I was going to take along 4 to Sister W’s who was also doing veg samosas and pastries).

Well, sometimes there’s a plot twist. Sister W’s sister in law wasn’t happy that Sister W was no longer coming, and with a word or three there, and easy acquiescence by me, BH & I collected Sister N, Sister W and little M-R, and joined Sister W’s family for iftar. We took the watermelon & the fried rice but left everything else. And what a variety of foods awaited us – soft soft roti, lamb curry, chicken pasta salad, some kind of rice dish, Sister W’s pastries, samosas & chickpea salad (those are 3 separate things), a mango salad (drool), Sister N’s cornstarch fried chicken wings, BD’s confetti & chocolate chip & possibly custard cupcakes (that was interesting), chocolate cupcakes & ice cream. Stuffed I was. Dates, water, juices, soft drinks.

Interspersed with maghrib, isha & taraweeh in congregation.

Alhamdulillah to brothers and sisters who so willingly open their homes and kitchens.

a backyard taraweeh

‘taraweeh’ comes from the Arabic word ‘rah’ which means to rest which means to relax.  It is the supererogatory prayer prayed individually or in congregation in sets of 2 rakahs during the nights of Ramadan. In Barbados, there are several jamaats where the entire Qur’an is recited by imams during the taraweeh prayer in the month of Ramadan.

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) prayed one night in the mosque, and the people followed him in prayer. Then he prayed the next night, and many people came. Then they gathered on the third or fourth night, and the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not come out to them. The next morning he said: “I saw what you did, and nothing kept me from coming out to you except the fact that I feared that it would be made obligatory for you.” And that was in Ramadan. Bukhari (1129) and Muslim (761)


It is rare for muslimahs in Barbados to attend the taraweeh salaat for a number of reasons. This year, I have not left home to pray taraweeh away from home as yet. Nor has BD. Last Sunday, there were friends in our backyard, and with Allah swt blessings, about 14 muslimahs were able to pray taraweeh salaat in jamaat behind an Imam whose recitation was beautifully delivered.

A potluck iftar in May

Last Sunday, friends and their families gathered to share in a potluck iftar provided by everyone – the ubiquitous dates, aloo pies, bhajiyas, chicken & beef patties, bananas and watermelon, chai, green tea, and water to break the fast. After a Quranic recitation by a family member Haafiz, and a talk by a family member Maulana. And a du’a. And then the du’a:

“The thirst has gone

and the veins are quenched,

and the reward is confirmed,

if Allah wills.”img-20180527-wa0012.jpeg

Followed by congregational maghrib salaat, and dinner by way of chicken biryani, basmati rice, butter chicken, beef curry, lamb chops, corn pie, roti pie (think enchilada like lasagne), waldorf salad, pasta & peas salad, channa chapati, & dhalpuri. Accompanied by a red soft drink, homemade lemonade, coconut water & plain H2O.

Segueing into apple cheesecake, cheescake, chocolate chip bark, vanilla & chocolate ice cream.

“All praise belongs to Allah,

who fed us and quenched our thirst

and made us Muslims”.

And culminating in an unexpected backyard taraweeh led by Maulana.

Praying in the Rain


On Sunday, we picnicked in the park as participants in a thank you potluck picnic.

BH drove Youngest to his sponsored stamina run on the seaweed covered beachfront; BD hiked along the coastline from Fitts Village to Browne’s Beach; and NoS and I stayed. BD was dropped off at the park nearing twilight.

We played and prayed in the rain before BH &  Youngest returned.