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An impromptu iftar

No photos. Sigh.

So Sunday unfolded. Qur’an recitation was completed in taraweeh the night before at one of the prayer sites for taraweeh. So BH, NoS and Youngest had prayed taraweeh and joined in the fried rice, potato salad & barbecue chicken that was shared out to the congregants. We benefited (should that be spelt with a double t?) from the extra fried rice. BD & I had journeyed to Masjid e Quba to share in the iftar (similar menu but with a distinct Guyanese flavour) and stayed on for taraweeh.

Sunday morning, there was extra fried rice at home, I had purchased some watermelon the day before, and there was Sister W’s invitation to join her at home for iftar (a kinda potluck thing). It was sent out during the week, and no one on our group chat had responded. But I did on Sunday, but oops, having had no response, she had accepted her brother’s invitation to iftar that evening. Anyway, after some bumbles and fumbles, we agreed that Sister N (who’s on her annual visit from the US) and I would go over to Sister W for iftar. BH would kindly barbecue a chicken for us, and I would take the watermelon (chunked and chilled) and the fried rice, and Sister W would throw together a salad (her variations are seemingly endless). And an interested party (S) would also join us. The open invitation was extended to all of the sisters to join us and bring the meal which they would have eaten had they remained at home alone.

And lo and behold, Youngest invited himself over to Sister F’s home, and NoS tagged along. (Yes, I verified whether it was convenient, although every other member of my household reiterated that they are always welcome at Sister F’s). So they took chunked & chilled watermelon & tandoori chicken (may have been beef) pies that BD organised. (I was going to take along 4 to Sister W’s who was also doing veg samosas and pastries).

Well, sometimes there’s a plot twist. Sister W’s sister in law wasn’t happy that Sister W was no longer coming, and with a word or three there, and easy acquiescence by me, BH & I collected Sister N, Sister W and little M-R, and joined Sister W’s family for iftar. We took the watermelon & the fried rice but left everything else. And what a variety of foods awaited us – soft soft roti, lamb curry, chicken pasta salad, some kind of rice dish, Sister W’s pastries, samosas & chickpea salad (those are 3 separate things), a mango salad (drool), Sister N’s cornstarch fried chicken wings, BD’s confetti & chocolate chip & possibly custard cupcakes (that was interesting), chocolate cupcakes & ice cream. Stuffed I was. Dates, water, juices, soft drinks.

Interspersed with maghrib, isha & taraweeh in congregation.

Alhamdulillah to brothers and sisters who so willingly open their homes and kitchens.


Cranberry-date bites for iftar

Sorry – no pix (will have to see if BD took any). There were burnt bottoms though:0

Saturday past, alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity to provide iftar for fasting persons. And as one tends to feel a little pressured with providing fast-breaking, the question was what else to provide other than the dates and water? Ponder, ponder, browse. Ponder, ponder, browse. I wanted to do dates & oatmeal ….bars, but that required doing something with a pot stovetop. Nope. Aussie bites? Sounded great, but pretty sure there was an ingredient in there I didn’t have. Ponder, ponder, browse. Then there it was – my Naps Girls’ cookbook recipe for muffins. You can’t really miss with muffins (well I can, but rarely). And we have a mini cupcake pan. And my cookbook allowed for variations of substituting oatmeal for flour and adding fruits. So voila!

Washed dates & cranberries (they’ve been not quite mouldering, but hanging around a bit), then chopped in the food processor. Hand mixed the muffin mix – flour, oats, sugar, salt, baking powder, pineapple juice (instead of milk – wanted to add blackcurrant juice cuz I could just see the tart counterpoint but BD looked most unimpressed, sob), and the cranberry-date mix. (Yes, I know you want measurements but I’m writing this in a place where my cookbook does not exist and no, the recipes are not online – but it’s a basic muffin mix). Hmm, there might have been an egg or two but I can’t quite remember, and did I double the mix? Maybe. A little fasting dehydration here:):).

Anyway, BD sprayed the mini cupcake pan, I dropped in either half of a teaspoon (it’s a little vague here without visuals) in each, and popped into the oven with instructions to BD to remove in 15 minutes. She eyeballed them, and left them in longer enough to have burnt bottoms. Impressed I was not. Unpleasant thoughts in Ramadan. Astaghfirullah – I am fasting, I am fasting, I seek your forgiveness my Creator.

Anyway, we got 48 mini-muffins, which I found a bit dry at iftar, but alhamdulillah, my fasting brethren (and sistren?) seemed to enjoy it – certainly all went on the brothers’ side, and most on the sisters’ side, with one sister taking the remainder as sehri bites.

Could have been moister I think, so probably a shorter baking time. (Baker I am sometimes, mainly not).

Oh, so to break fast, we had the dates, the bites, and spinach cakes (with some mango chutney for the brothers, and the nicer tamarind chutney for the sisters). And ice cold water.

A potluck iftar in May

Last Sunday, friends and their families gathered to share in a potluck iftar provided by everyone – the ubiquitous dates, aloo pies, bhajiyas, chicken & beef patties, bananas and watermelon, chai, green tea, and water to break the fast. After a Quranic recitation by a family member Haafiz, and a talk by a family member Maulana. And a du’a. And then the du’a:

“The thirst has gone

and the veins are quenched,

and the reward is confirmed,

if Allah wills.”img-20180527-wa0012.jpeg

Followed by congregational maghrib salaat, and dinner by way of chicken biryani, basmati rice, butter chicken, beef curry, lamb chops, corn pie, roti pie (think enchilada like lasagne), waldorf salad, pasta & peas salad, channa chapati, & dhalpuri. Accompanied by a red soft drink, homemade lemonade, coconut water & plain H2O.

Segueing into apple cheesecake, cheescake, chocolate chip bark, vanilla & chocolate ice cream.

“All praise belongs to Allah,

who fed us and quenched our thirst

and made us Muslims”.

And culminating in an unexpected backyard taraweeh led by Maulana.

Notable? Has your sweat dried?

2018-02-11 15.58.12
SAJ Pics Morgan Lewis Windmill St Andrew, Barbados February 2018

This is a photo of the last working (sometimes) windmill in Barbados. And I find, it is one of the last two working windmills in the world, the other being in Antigua (although after last year’s hurricane season, that information may need to be updated).

Our windmill is the Morgan Lewis Windmill, in the parish of St. Andrew. It stopped operations in 1947 and was restored in or around 1999. The sails once more need refurbishing, but BH, BD & NoS were able to attend on one of the rare Sundays when it ground cane and yielded cane juice.

Some discourse has gone on about who were the first Muslims in Barbados, and Brother S has written an article positing Dr. Quick’s theory that African Muslims interacted with Barbados’ first peoples, the Amerindians, and that it is also possible that Muslims were amongst the enslaved workers who were brought to Barbados to work the canefields.

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“Give the worker his wages before his sweat dries.”
There is no barrier between Allah and the prayer of the oppressed. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) has said:
“Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, even if he is an unbeliever, for there is no barrier between it and Allah.”

via Daily Prompt: Notable

Praying in the Rain


On Sunday, we picnicked in the park as participants in a thank you potluck picnic.

BH drove Youngest to his sponsored stamina run on the seaweed covered beachfront; BD hiked along the coastline from Fitts Village to Browne’s Beach; and NoS and I stayed. BD was dropped off at the park nearing twilight.

We played and prayed in the rain before BH &  Youngest returned.

Let us eat together and mention His Name!

Wahshi bin Harb (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
Some of the Companions of Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “We eat but are not satisfied.” He (ﷺ) said, “Perhaps you eat separately.” The Companions replied in affirmative. He then said: “Eat together and mention the Name of Allah over your food. It will be blessed for you.”
[Abu Dawud].

IMG-20180417-WA00912018-04-17 20.19.35

A surprise! – a thankful tea-time at 75


Al  Qur’an 3:145

O you who believe,

eat from the good things we provided for you,

and be thankful to God,

if you do worship Him alone.

A Puff n’ Stuff Tea party delectables –


  • chicken empanadas
  • tuna puffs
  • mini vegetarian pizza
  • spinach & mushroom quiche
  • vegetarian spring rolls


  • mini mille fleur
  • mini eclairs
  • swiss roll
  • guava jam pies
  • coconut drops

Selection of Twining Teas

  • Darjeeling
  • Earl Grey
  • Lady Grey (not related to Earl Grey:))
  • Prince of Wales
  • English Breakfast

Black cherry punch

A beacon


Al Qur’an, Surah 6, Ayah 97

Pickthall: And He it is Who hath set for you the stars that ye may guide your course by them amid the darkness of the land and the sea. We have detailed Our revelations for a people who have knowledge.

Yusuf Ali: It is He Who maketh the stars (as beacons) for you, that ye may guide yourselves, with their help, through the dark spaces of land and sea: We detail Our signs for people who know.

2018-04-15 14.27.32
South Point Lighthouse, Christ Church, Barbados