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Eid ul Adha 2016 – Part 7: The Takbeer continued

So, we talked about things we didn’t know earlier. Do you know the source of the takbeer which it is recommended that we say after each fard salaat during the day of Arafat and days of Eid ul Adha? Moulana Ahmed shared this in his lecture:

There are three components of the takbeer:

  1. Allahu akbar Allahu akbar : Jibreel
  2. La ilaha illa la wallahu abar: Ibrahim
  3. Allahu akbar wa lilla il hamd: Ismail

This was said when the animal appeared and the test was deemed successful.


Did you know?

You attend lectures, and you sometimes sigh that you’ve heard all this before. But have you really heard all of it before? Were your ears really listening? Was your heart really engaged?

Moulana Ahmed gave a very stirring lecture to the intimate crowd that turned up to listen to him. We all know the story of Ibrahim saws and the test to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail saws.

But did we know:

  • lease Whose daughter was Hajra r.a. (beloved mother of Ismail r.a.)? (Hint – that tribal leader to whom Ibrahim saws said that Saara r.a. was his sister in an attempt to protect against the man’s proclivities)
  • That Satan approached each of Ibrahim saws, Ismail saws, and Hajra ra in futile attempts to misguide them from the path of Allah swt? (Why do we stone at three stations at Hajj? Aha – is it because of Ibrahim only, or the three members of his family mentioned here?) (Note – when NoS was asked by Moulana if he was told by his father that he was to sacrifice him, NoS’ response was that father would need to move to Black Rock (the colloquial reference to the ‘mad house’))
  • Who was blindfolded – was it Ibrahim saws or Ismail saws?
  • Whose shirt was Ismail saws wearing when he lay to be sacrificed? And why? (Hint – consideration for his beloved mother and the grief she would face. Please note that hadith says that he asked for the shirt to be removed so that he could be shrouded in it.)
  • What destroyed Nimrod’s army? (Hint – chikV and dengue and malaria carrying little pests)
  • What afflicted Nimrod and what gave him ease? (Hint – footwear hurling – is this the source of middle eastern insults?)
  • Did Ibrahim saws curse his father or part from him in peace?
  • Did the angels cool the fire into which Ibrahim saws was catapulted?

Dhul Hajj is in the House!

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The moon was sighted signalling the start of the 12th month of the Islamic year, and the month in which the first 10 days are significant. For BD and me, it has brought back memories of where we were one year ago, but for all of us, it is a time for us to examine whether we have the nisaab that qualifies us to perform the qurbani/udhiyya incumbent on each of us who is mature, competent in mind.

Have you found the animal yet which is free of defects and whose hair or wool will gain you many rewards in the Hereafter, when you are present at its slaughter on one of the three days of Eid ul Adha – the 10th 11th or 12th of Dhul Hajj – provided of course that you approach the udhiyya with the right intention?

If the animal you buy is lost, stolen, or dies prior to Eid, it is incumbent on you to procure another. Unfortunately, we have already heard of animals being purchased, and when the purchaser turns up to collect it, the seller was not the person with the right to sell; and of animals purchased, but killed without more by persons unknown. Many now are the instances of just the head of the animal being found when owners return to pastures. Allah swt is the All-Knowing.

Azizia by pix


I really wasn’t moved to use my camera on the trip but pushed myself sufficiently during the last few days. Here is a photo from the rooftop, just past the crane is the ‘little’ mosque where we prayed from time to time, where three Bosnian pilgrims admired my burka.

The second photo is of the exterior of our hotel, the closest to Jamarat. This was the day of our departure for Makkah, when the neighbouring hotels showed dismantled beds and mattresses outside their foyers. We were blessed with being provided with many dishes meals in the facilities next door, and water, tea, coffee, and soda pop were abundant.

This was our base of movement for the first two weeks of our trip – we travelled to the Haram, we walked to Mina, we returned from Mina on Eid ul Adha, we scaled and dismounted the stairs to one of the many mosques, and the escalators to the fourth floor of the jamarat, we watched in awe as the street was closed off to vehicular trafffic, and human traffic walked constantly up and down in front of our hotel, we looked on as the streets and stairs were covered with shaven locks, we trekked with handwashed laundry to the rooftop for solar drying, we watched the green laser light emanate from the ZamZam towers, we discovered the stickers in each room indicating qibla, we experienced the combination toilet & bath, we topped up our mobiles, we got ‘buffed’ for daring to bring anything other than a knapsack for our sojourn to Mina, we recognised that hotel rating is comparative, we had meetings with respect to Hajj and its rituals.