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Praying in the Rain


On Sunday, we picnicked in the park as participants in a thank you potluck picnic.

BH drove Youngest to his sponsored stamina run on the seaweed covered beachfront; BD hiked along the coastline from Fitts Village to Browne’s Beach; and NoS and I stayed. BD was dropped off at the park nearing twilight.

We played and prayed in the rain before BH &  Youngest returned.


Olympic qualifier

2016-02-25 10.12.28Today, (this was written March 18th and never completed, sigh) masha-Allah, we experienced drama and delight when a teenager broke a 1995 athletic record locally, and qualified for the Olympics.

Last month, I watched as Youngest, following a stamina run with Number One Son and a fall down a hill, surpassed his own expectations and placed 1st in 3 relays, and 1st in his sprint, in his primary school sports. He was last leg in 2 of the relays.

The Prophet s.a.w.s. himself participated in swimming, archery, running and horseback riding, and was said to have encouraged parents to involve their children in these sports.

Everything we touch we change

2015-05-16 11.49.46

Michael runs Underwater Barbados, and Camp Aquarius. Each Saturday children and swim counsellors turn up at Carlisle Bay, Barbados, to explore the rudiments of swimming in the big blue sea.

Before venturing into the water with varying degrees of trepidation, attendees warm up as directed in the big circle, and end their warm up with Michael’s words/mantra about the effect of each of us on our human and natural environment:

“Everything we touch we change,

everything we change changes us,

the everlasting truth is change,

and who is change?

God is change

To get along with God we must consider the consequences of our behaviour”

The CFF 5K on 16th day of Ramadan

2015-07-04 11.38.46

Today was the CFF (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Barbados) 5K walk/run. Yellow T-shirts walked, blues ran. BH & BD wore yellow. I’ve copied and pasted the below information on cystic fibrosis from the website: but there are many sites that can provide information.

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Make space

Errol Barrow Day – a public holiday in Bim. For the past 9 years, the Nurse family has hosted the Lawson Nurse Memorial Scrabble tournament, and for some of us, it’s become the only time each year that we play Scrabble face to face with human beings.

This year I attended reluctantly, Scrabble, believe it or not, takes physical stamina, and Chick V virus tends to drain that. My aim was to play 3 rounds and leave – our typical tournament runs 6 rounds so that we could be there all day, not my goal this year. But the road to victory is sometimes quirky.

I won the 3 rounds I played before lunch. Did that pose a dilemma? Should I leave on a winning note?

I stayed and played. And readied to leave. To be reminded that my game board was still in play (by other competitors). So I waited some more.

And lo and behold –

2015-01-21 17.21.11

Highest game score ironically against the second highest scorer who complained bitterly without realising that my high score was made against him.

So message to NOS was to make space – he has been conducting this one way competition against me to see who has the greater number of trophies.

Now, what does this have to do with being a deenbuddy? I asked myself that exact question. And pondered. Too often, persons seek to dissect (or multisect) Islam into secular and religious. But Islam is a way of life and all aspects of our life can be the worship of Allah swt. There are some who seek to decry the significance or indeed, even the usefulness of leisure activity within our lives, but levity and leisure are I think, essential to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Football & Fasting

I give credit to whoever came up with the graphic that I’ve attached. I’ve now seen it on so many facebook accounts that I can’t tell whence it originated.

I have avid footballers in my house (Sons) and their enthusiast father, BelovedHusband. The latter signed up Elder Son for a football tournament over this weekend – result: Day 1 of Tournament, Elder Son is put in the last bit of the second half of the second game and is parched. On Day 2, Saturday, he survives the fasting and the football, and on Day 3, he sits out the finals for unrelated reasons.  On Day 3, the younger brother participates in a football showcase, but we allowed him to not fast (he’s 8 and this year, he has fasted 6 complete days so far – couldn’t rouse him this morning). BelovedHusband is subbing for the manager of Elder Son’s team so was on the field as well. A very hot field. BelovedDaughter and I went to watch the final match after attending the Ramadan lecture – she in black abaya sat unsheltered for the game and the additional 1 hour waiting period before it started late. I stayed in the car with the air condition on and the tinted windows.

The days are hot.

Check out this link for some info on the footballers who may be fasting during the FIFA 2014 games: And may they be granted the ability to fast and perform on the field, and may their fasts be accepted.