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Reblogging – Saudi Arabia experiences a rise in volunteerism during Ramadan — The Muslim Times


Lina Tahlawi’s team selects neighborhoods in the city and walk through the narrow streets to reach out to the destitute. (AN photo by Huda Bashatah) Nada Hameed June 07, 2018 JEDDAH: The holy month of Ramadan is not only about strengthening one’s ties with the Creator, but also to express one’s gratitude toward Him for […]

via Saudi Arabia experiences a rise in volunteerism during Ramadan — The Muslim Times

Cranberry-date bites for iftar

Sorry – no pix (will have to see if BD took any). There were burnt bottoms though:0

Saturday past, alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity to provide iftar for fasting persons. And as one tends to feel a little pressured with providing fast-breaking, the question was what else to provide other than the dates and water? Ponder, ponder, browse. Ponder, ponder, browse. I wanted to do dates & oatmeal ….bars, but that required doing something with a pot stovetop. Nope. Aussie bites? Sounded great, but pretty sure there was an ingredient in there I didn’t have. Ponder, ponder, browse. Then there it was – my Naps Girls’ cookbook recipe for muffins. You can’t really miss with muffins (well I can, but rarely). And we have a mini cupcake pan. And my cookbook allowed for variations of substituting oatmeal for flour and adding fruits. So voila!

Washed dates & cranberries (they’ve been not quite mouldering, but hanging around a bit), then chopped in the food processor. Hand mixed the muffin mix – flour, oats, sugar, salt, baking powder, pineapple juice (instead of milk – wanted to add blackcurrant juice cuz I could just see the tart counterpoint but BD looked most unimpressed, sob), and the cranberry-date mix. (Yes, I know you want measurements but I’m writing this in a place where my cookbook does not exist and no, the recipes are not online – but it’s a basic muffin mix). Hmm, there might have been an egg or two but I can’t quite remember, and did I double the mix? Maybe. A little fasting dehydration here:):).

Anyway, BD sprayed the mini cupcake pan, I dropped in either half of a teaspoon (it’s a little vague here without visuals) in each, and popped into the oven with instructions to BD to remove in 15 minutes. She eyeballed them, and left them in longer enough to have burnt bottoms. Impressed I was not. Unpleasant thoughts in Ramadan. Astaghfirullah – I am fasting, I am fasting, I seek your forgiveness my Creator.

Anyway, we got 48 mini-muffins, which I found a bit dry at iftar, but alhamdulillah, my fasting brethren (and sistren?) seemed to enjoy it – certainly all went on the brothers’ side, and most on the sisters’ side, with one sister taking the remainder as sehri bites.

Could have been moister I think, so probably a shorter baking time. (Baker I am sometimes, mainly not).

Oh, so to break fast, we had the dates, the bites, and spinach cakes (with some mango chutney for the brothers, and the nicer tamarind chutney for the sisters). And ice cold water.